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So This time round I had more time to prepare the presentation slides and computers and such. woke up early to prepare although the room was locked until 15 minutes before the early morning event. I rushed in and out of breakfast, lunch and dinner today because I needed the time, but I was able to take it. 

I stayed in the main room all day for whatever seminar was on, I used my time at the back of the room (after doing technical preparations) to catch up with a few people online.

I’ve been in a seminar about Partnership and service strategies – do it like a Christian. one on the unreached Tibetans – they need reaching. A seminar on Missional Business – Business can be done missionally and having this attitude will probably pay off. and there was a case study on the church in china – which was wonderful turns out that Christianity in china has evolved a lot from only 10 years ago and actually our mission strategies need to change to “how can we help the Christians there do outreach” from “we need to do outreach to get Christians there”

At the main meeting this evening we were stressbombed.

there was a power cut of some sort, a blown fuse, I don’t know, it turned off the a/v system but not the lights. this happened at two minutes to 8, the main meeting was at 8. we had to make lots of swift technical compromises, including my manoeuvre from the desk to the front mounted screen input, making sure only the people on the front row knew I had moved there.

After this I went to the bar with some friends and we played jungle speed.
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