I asked to be absent from breakfast this morning so that I could spend some extra time on skype with my fiancee. Friday morning may seem like a strange time for this, but time is all the difference  It was still valentines day in in the UK. It was good to see Angela, I love her so much.

After lunch at midday we took some time to prepare for Young Life, the Young adults meeting which takes place on Friday evenings, we prepared some games and a short study on love and loving God. we also planned a snack for which we had to venture outside and buy some things. I saw the 100yen store for the first time, it’s a nice place. it is not like most dollar stores, you can get some really decent things from the 100yen store. We got some chocolate and some crafty type things for me make invitations with.

Coming up in the future will be a valentines dinner held at the church and I was asked to use my maaaaad designing skills to make the invitations… by Sunday .. I have felt so rushed and ill-equipped to craft in my life. normally I’d have my weapons and resources at hand knowing exactly what options were available to me. but I’m living out of a suitcase and my options were limited by what I could create at short notice – and by this I mostly mean I found a pair of scissors and asked to borrow a ruler. I still have not seen a pencil in my time here and this is annoying.

Anyway a design was made and mocked up. I am not happy with it, but there is not time to run through my normal designing routine.

In the evening we ran Young life, there was seven of us and we played golf and pass it on in the church room and then read from Matthew 25 followed by some chocolate fondue. All was good and I inherited some leftover chocolate.
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