See “Paddyland” is a play on words because I’m in Ireland right now and a paddy is where rice grows and rice can be a bit Chinese… … … I tried.

This morning I got up for early morning prayer and worship before breakfast.

Then I sat in on the panel seminar whilst catching up with some of my peers in other parts of the country (see the new links on the right!). The seminar was an open Q&A with the headline speakers from the conference together on stage and no planning at all – it actually went very well and was very good.

We had our final altogether meeting with a talk from Henry of COCM and that too was very good! there was really not much to worry about today all of the tech went smoothly and I was thankful to the Lord (admittedly a fair while afterwards).

When I was packed and ready I sought out the company of two other people at The Hayes who were travelling straight to Belfast and had a lift with them organised. Then some time was spent undoing all of the book stands which I assisted with the assembly of on Friday.

I knew a great place to take a photo on the way out of Swanick,

Then from Belfast City airport I was taken straight to a bible study with Chinese students (that’s students who are Chinese not people who are learning Chinese). And to my surprise they were quite talkative, they had lots of questions about the bible to ask, and also to my surprise, I myself offered quite a lot of answers.

I still don’t know what’s going on over the next few days, hopefully I will receive a schedule tomorrow.

I am now at the home of Dorothy where I will be staying while I am here in Belfast. Goodnight.
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