This is Pudding

I spent of today printing and cutting and sticking and all three of those things took way longer than I anticipated. I have been without my cutting board and knife and my selection of preferred adhesives so everything took ages and I’ve made less invitations than I planned. I think a backup design which can simply be printed will be in order for later in the week.

The evening was our weekly English church service which takes place at the home of Miah and Sonya in Goshogawara and we ate spaghetti. discussed the meaning and practice of meekness and shared communion. after this we ate pudding, which consisted of cake and pudding. Pudding, I have learned is a gooey stuff of which when I asked what it was simply told it was pudding. which to me was like asking what kind of rock this was and being told it’s a rock. but I learned new things.

I like the Saturday evening service, it is nice to be with other native English speakers, I feel a sense of retreat when I am with them.
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