Thinking Time

English class with kids opened the day, kids were hyper as ever, and they got to make cookies. I still needed time to cut and stick the valentines dinner invitations so I did that while the kids were baking.

After this was a relatively busy church day. we had the church service, which is in Japanese so I kind of just clock out and start thinking about everything else… I might buy an Amazon Kindle… and then we prayed together for the start of the new church year in April and Tomomi’s wedding on Saturday. I recognised some of the songs but did not know the words, but it’s cool, I still enjoy being with people while they sing. After the service the room turned into a meeting, picture a church AGM, it was that kind of meeting, I think. Then after that we assembled all of the service books for the wedding this Saturday. Lunch was a egg rice thing and then Aaron and I left for the other church.

The congregation of three people were already in the church before we got to Kanagi, they like to be together and encourage each other and warm up the building before the service, which is really nice. We had the afternoon church service, Aaron spoke, we sang some songs a cappella, read a creed and the Lord’s Prayer. and I clocked out to think about other things again, and realised that since I got here I have no time to learn Japanese!!! After the service I used my non-Japanese speaking skills to not speak much with the rest of the church. I prayed for an older gentleman who has been very ill, and i prayed for his healing upon finding out this week that there is a hole in his lung. It’s good to see fellowship being done.

On the way home we stopped at Elm, a large shopping mall, to eat dinner. It’s a large shopping mall. on the upper floor there was a “Ramen street” and that is where we sat down to eat some noodles. Ramen is good food.
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