David and Angela McClatchey


Jesus people, husband and wife, parents, appointed to mission in Japan, teacher, graphic designer, based in Kettering, UK.

David & Angela McClatchey

What we do in Kettering, UK

We are both followers of Jesus Christ, his life and teachings. Angela is the daughter of missionaries based in Papua Guinea. David is a convert from antitheism. We both believe the Holy Bible naturally.


Faithful readers of our Prayer News Bulletins

We write PNBs 10 times per year. You can find out how to pray for us, and what we’re up to.

We are called to assist teaching of the Gospel in Japan, reaching the least missioned people group in the world.


Initially reluctant to leave the UK, David has learned about mission and his calling from God whilst on a vision trip in 2008. Angela was raised in the mission field of PNG and has a natural affinity for overseas mission. David will learn a lot from her!

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