Today I packed up my things and took a ride on one of the fastest trains in the world. I am now close to the north coast of Honshu and it is blowysnow here. This was my whole day.

in the evening I met Aaron who showed me the church and where I will be staying (in the church).

This evening we had an English class, reminiscent of English classes I was involved with in Belfast last year (see a few posts down below), where I met a good mix of Japanese people all keen on learning English  Aaron was teaching about truths and lies and the related terminology and he does very good, his ability to speak Japanese well helps a lot; there is a noticeable difference in what these Japanese people were taking in compared to when I was in Korea last summer trying to teach English with great difficulty. After the class finished people stuck around for herbal tea, which I’ve been drinking, and conversation. I spoke to an older gentleman called Makoto who is going to the UK in April (me too!!) and likes smooth Jazz.

It was a nice day, but now it is cold, dark and I am tired. More to come tomorrow.
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