Monster Hunter

I have now briefly met my supervisor.

I took the morning to myself, tidied up this blog (like it?), unpacked my suitcase and caught up on the news. Strolled over to the grocery store across the road to get breakfast and lunch. I got myself a bento box but it wasn’t within my daily budget so i’m a little bit concerned right now about how i’m going to manage every day for food… I guess i’ll have to buy more whole stock and cook for myself i’m not sure what the deal is yet. Ruth, who is my supervisor’s wife, has said they usually with serve Japan workers leave the guest to cater breakfast for themselves and then feed them lunch and dinner. So this relieves me a bit. We’ll figure this out.

Martin and Ruth flew in from their holiday and went straight from the airport to home to the next meeting. I fear that that Japanese work ethic of constantly working might be thrust upon me; which is fine, I just hope that I can keep up without burning out. I also need to spend some time with Martin at some point to discuss my contribution to their ministry and just to get to know him.

In the evening I joined Aaron for a youthgroup meeting, we played some games, sang some songs and I gave my testimony with I highlight on the authenticity of Scripture. There were four young gentlemen there aswell as Aaron and myself. I have realised more fully that I am going to struggle with people’s names, they are all so different to one another, and with reading Japanese kana; sure I know some characters and the sounds they make but I still don’t always know what they mean. Anyway, youthgroup was good I think. we talked a little about pokemon too which was nice. Afterwards two of the young lads pulled out their sony PSPs and started playing monster hunter together, it looked fun!
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