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Today was a sit down at the office day, minus the office. I went to Andy’s house where I received an outline schedule (which you can see here) and we went through the provided paperwork from the college to see through our expectations and facilities for the next 5 weeks. I look forward to the variety of things we will be doing in all kinds of different places, it’s going to be heavy sometimes, but good, I hope.

After this I was shown the internal databases of OMF, where they have centralised all of their mission opportunities and contacts to get involved with them; another database stores all of the audio/visual files which OMF workers are free to use in their presentations whatever purpose they may be for at their locations all over the world. we used the mission opportunities database to see if there were any options for Justin, whom we met yesterday, to go out to the far east, the system is very good for finding opportunities fit for people who have expressed their abilities and calling to serve as missionaries. I do like the facility which God has provided, it works really well.

Then I was given the design brief for a promotional flyer, a company which sends professionals to work in China just constructed a new website for the UK and it’s citizens. Working professionals in the UK have no idea this new website and where to find it; so this project was simply to design a leaflet for printing which should lead people to find out more online. the company is called MSI and here is a portion of what I ended up creating today.

It was good to have some involvement with the brand management for this company, and a good look into their way of linking working Christians in the UK with new work in china where they can serve with their expertise.

I look forward to taking tomorrow off and spending valentines day with Angela.
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