Tl;dr: I want your stories, what drove you into becoming a missionary? and any icebreaker ideas for a large group of people to actually get to know each other? comment below.

More assignments were given to me this morning, two things really but as always I have more things than that to do. the first is to prepare a fifteen minute talk for next Tuesday when I am at the Mission Net meeting in Gerrards Cross. The other is to prepare a quick relating event for the attendees of the Next Gen conference next weekend.

Task 1 – Next Tuesday, Andy will be talking for 15 minutes on some of the data which he has collected for his dissertation, it is from the survey (mentioned here) d├ębuted at the Youth council meeting Saturday before last. I will be following this with my own 15 minute talk, about what influenced millennial like me who dream of entering mission to become willing to serve as a missionary. I have been specifically asked to find out about some of my peers at Moorlands and use their experiences, alongside my own, to present some of the influences which have been had on us to drive us into this mission mindset.

I have been in touch with some fellow moorlands students, and I have started writing what I would share out of my own experiences. But I must wait for some more responses before I can continue.

Task 2 – Next Friday, After we have eaten and had our icebreaker games at the Next Gen conference in Milton Keynes, I have a slot in which the aim is to get everybody at the conference to get to know everybody else quite well and quite quickly. There’s obviously games like ‘two truths and a lie’ at hand, but it’s old and rusty now, so I’m not so sure. I have some time to think about it, I have been googling through various team building exercises. I may well try and crowdsource that information with my friends too.

I also have some more graphics to configure.

Tonight’s plans have changed, we were supposed to be going to Southampton to interview a church leader but we are now going to Lymington to interview them… because. that’s why!

I’m leaving comments enabled in this post because I would like some quick feedback, either stories on what drove you become a missionary (if you are 18-30 years old), or any ideas to get to know a lot of people well very quickly. I Thankyou Kindly.

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