Amen to Japan

This morning I went with Dorothy to Windsor Baptist Church in Belfast (it’s not near Windsor at all). they’re good with music, they’re bad with saying “Amen” and this annoys me. but the church is very good, they’re rich with good teaching, ministry to all ages, outreach locally and internationally, it’s a good church!

When I pray, I end my prayers with an ‘Amen’ to signify that I’m finished and then I expect everyone who agrees with what I said to resound the ‘Amen’ after they have echoed the words in their hearts; I also expect my peers to remain silent instead if they disagree with the prayer I have communicated towards God. So when I come to a church like Windsor Baptist, I think “why don’t they want to say these decent things to God?”

After lunch I walked in on a Chinese church youth group – that’s literally what happened, I just walked in and sat with them, I felt really creepy up until I was called up to introduce myself, nice! there was a great talk from Walter who is the pastor of English and youth services in this particular Chinese Christian fellowship, he was talking about praising God and doing it genuinely, with a nice section on worship songs and the difference between those and Jesus-is-my-girlfriend songs, which are also often sung in churches. 

Walter is a doctor of old testament theology, he’s very bright, and I think that it is humble of him to be running this youth group and sharing such great knowledge, they will grow up to do great things in Christ.

There was a great song today, I never ever heard it before, but we sang it in our songs of praise today and I loved it!! here you go:

In the later afternoon I joined some people for a prayer meeting – it is the anniversary today of the Tsunami which blew up the upper east coast of Japan. All of us who turned up had been to Japan before and some people were missionaries there and some people had even been there in the post-tsunami relief effort. an inspiring time and I pray for all good things in the continued recovery of Japan, I am optimistic from what I’ve heard today that we will see a rising of Christian activity amongst the Japanese because of the relief work going on.

The Evening bore a more informal service at Windsor baptist (it was slightly nearer to windsor this time around) with a sermon on the topic of greediness, it was part 5 of a 7-part series on deadly sins. it was good to learn more about this and how greed offers to satisfy us in exactly the ways that it cannot satisfy us.

Another good Sunday (but this time with less driving)!
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