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I went through all of the books in the OMF NI office today and I took an inventory (of most of them). I could have been doing more data sheets but for the sake of variety of things to do I offered to take this up instead because I knew it would have to be done eventually and I thought it would be a blessing if I offered to do it while I was here so that somebody else wouldn’t have to in the future.

Some interesting books, lots on different nations, stories of Hope; and books on preparing to serve as a missionary. There was a nice book about why MK’s aren’t weird but I didn’t have time to read it on the spot. If I have time tomorrow I will be going through all of the flyers as well.

This evening was the English class again, I’ve expressed my support for it before. this was another nice session discussing finance, economics, money and all those other words with the same meaning. we spoke a lot about banking, budgeting, loans, debt, expenses and one gentleman asked me about the stock markets… I was very helpful!

I had to say goodbye to Mark and Christine too they head up the Diaspora outreach missions and I’m thankful to them for letting me work alongside them in the last week or so.
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