Small Start

Back at Harvest chapel today, where Me and Ruth decided the place was filthy. So although I was scheduled to join in with an English class I didn’t go. I just started cleaning the mess in the kitchen, And i mean mess. Not just the things in the wrong place kinda mess but the everything is sticky and there are spiders eggs (not just webs) everywhere. I had to throw a lot of stuff out and disinfect a lot of surfaces but it was good. I spent the whole afternoon doing that and it’s one of those tasks where you think, this isn’t church work, but it is. You see it had to be done, the benefits are beneficial to ministry of all kinds. It’s good practice for if i ever become a church leader because then i am sure to know how to keep a church clean physically, and what does it mean to guide spiritual cleanliness if you cant offer physical cleanliness!?!?!

While I was doing this the ladies were making decorations for the wedding which is this saturday and One of them saw me cleaning the kitchen and said I would be a good husband. Yes.

Back in the evening for dinner I asked Martin what he had been up to, he saw a dentist and I asked him about healthcare in Japan. Healthcare is really good in Japan. But this dentist… I’ve never heard of this, he is not a true dentist, he is a hobbyist who is into dentistry. Isn’t that cool?! You don’t hear of that in the UK. This guy sees maybe 4 or 5 people a day he cleans and fixes and offers advice and he really enjoys it. I think that’s fantastic.

I will get to continue with the cleaning at harvest tomorrow, hopefully it will feel more like a working church when I’m done.
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