Everyday I’m shovelling

I think I mentioned the view as it is in most buildings. snow. Not like there is snow everywhere but snow as in just a wall of snow pressing against the window. Today outside harvest Chapel I had a go at some of it. I am going to use symbols from my keyboard. I changed the snow against the wall outside from this | to this |¬.

My hands are now scarred bescabbed and blistered which sucks because I had lovely hands. But looking at them inspired me to pray. I have used and will use my hands for the Glory of God. I have also used them for sin (and the glory of that I guess). When I use my hands to sin they look good but they do not do anything, when I use them for benevolence they get damaged but this is when they are most useful; and for bonus points they heal to become better than they ever were before. So If the lord wants to take my hands off me then I would happily continue to serve him as best I can.


Mostly 4 and 5 year olds, they have been learning how to discuss likes and dislikes and favourites and introductions and shapes and they combined of their accumulating skills to create… Valentines Day Pictures!!! all them learned how to write “You are special to me!”

The custom here on valentines day is to make chocolate for your valued friends and co-workers  I got a handmade chocolate!

I continued with the cleaning of cupboards and surfaces in the church. And I want to mention now for all of you block placement critics out there that this is a task which I volunteered myself for and just started doing it. If anybody is concerned about my hours spent in ministry remember that this has ministry benefits and that I am here for the extended time of 8 weeks rather than 5.

The evening was the English class which I first experienced last week when I arrived in Itayanagi, I have officially been here for a week. We talked about valentines day and exchanged valentines day stories. After this finished I talk with three delightful young girls who had a sense of humor  we talked about Mr. Bean and Nyan Cat and tried to identify Japanese pop culture that I had heard of and British things which they had heard of. turns out there’s not that much. we talked about food too. and I leanred that when they talk about Takos they are actually referring to Octopuses not Tacos.

They stayed until 11, I do not usually like staying up late but it was a fun English class.
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