Redactional Activity

Today was an office day, I guess to be more specific I could call it a reprographics day. we had 300 copies of the booklet accompanying this weekend’s conference to do something will, I’ll explain in a sec. we also received in the post a banner stand which will be erected in the exhibitions area of the conference this weekend, and also in the post we received a few hundred flyers which will be working alongside the banner stand. I designed the banner stand graphic and the graphics for the flyers back in the first week.

So with the booklets we noticed that some sensitive data made it into the print roll so my first task was to take a big black marker and go through every single copy of the booklet and redact said data from being seen. I got a good rhythm going – and it was good to note the ministry benefits of such a simple task. the information being hidden was that which could expose the Christian ministry taking place in some creative access places – I was potentially saving lives with a permanent marker today!

This afternoon we went on to make the name badges which people will wear this weekend, just the digital design, the printing and the cutting were done today. we shall move onto assembling the the inserts into the clipped badge holders tomorrow.

That was pretty much it, I assure you everything took longer to do than I made it sound.

I also took some time to write the mid-placement report which should dutifully arrive at the collage via email tomorrow. I have posted it live on this website too.
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