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Today was packing up and leaving day so we packed up and left.

But before that we had the final part of our trilogy on Jonah, which is definitely a mission story (as well as other things) and an extended time of “worship” which I put in quotes because that’s what they call it but I don’t want to suggest that it wasn’t worship because it was.

The amount of people who stood up for prayer ministry was greater than the number of prayer ministry people, so as a member of the leadership team I got up to pray with Rupert, who is so overworked right now, I prayed for that and sent a prayer request on his behalf back to the college in my prayer points for the week. he also told me that he wasn’t sure about his ability to serve God, not that he isn’t competent, but that he isn’t relying on God. I prayed with him about this too and afterwards we talked together over coffee.

After this I missed out on the last round of seminars to gather my things from my room and assist the leadership team in cleaning up the place.

Then it time for all the goodbyes, and we were among the last to leave.

There was a long car journey home and that was about it for the day. but I think right now that it is appropriate to talk about an event I skimmed over last night, just so that it is documented.

Last night when we went on our mini mission to the Xscape building I partnered up with Becki who was very shy about this and had never done such cold contact evangelism before. We were both thinking of staying inside before I knew what the exercise was going to be tonight, so when I did find out i said to her that we should go out and talk to at least one person, and if it goes well then we’ll talk to more people. we got our coats and prayed together and then went to the cafe bar near the ski slope. there was a couple sitting quietly in the corner so I asked if we could join them and we starting introducing each other, then I brought on the topic of faith and mentioned that we were Christians. they didn’t want to talk with us anymore. I left them a tract and we departed back to the COCM building. Me and Becki talked about what happened, and I feel bad that Becki’s first experience wasn’t a good one.
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