This Morning we entered the final phases of the conference preparations. Each conference delegate was assigned an envelope within which we placed several flyers, a feedback form, a booklet of events and a personal name badge – these packets are also labeled with room numbers and will contain the appropriate keys when we get them to put in.

The flyers included 2 for other bible colleges, I do not know why Moorlands Christian Theology and Training College wouldn’t be interested in China – I might talk to the PR department at the college when I get back – I might.

After this I went through the entire list of worship songs for the weekend and made sure the lyrics (for all versions) for each song were accessible for collaborating with the worship leader before each event.

There were also a few more powerpoint slides to prepare, so I did those.

In the evening we (me and Angela) were invited for dinner with my placement supervisor and his family, so we went to do that. it was a pleasent evening, we had fun with their kids after a very nice meal!

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