Go Away From Me

Before heading to the office I spent some time preparing a bible study on Luke chapter 5 for this evening.

This was another office day, I was cleaning up some data sheets, two of them are now complete. I now know everything about China and Japan!! I also used some of my time in the office to finish preparing the bible study for this evening. so that was the bulk of my day.

Then in the evening we went into one of the many (many) medical research buildings at Queens University for an English class and bible study. like the group I went to on Monday the students there attend with the intention of increasing their ability to speak better English, its unrecognised by any exam board and very informal. we just had a lengthy chat about jobs, work, careers, occupations and such. and then I tied this into Luke 4 and Jesus recruiting people to take on the work of being a Disciple. it was smooth.

Simon said to Jesus “Go away from me!” why?

when we finished the class and the study one of the students offered to show me around the labs, I like science so I said yes!

Science is very important and looks like this.

Well that was all, I have the day off tomorrow so I’m going to wonder around the city of Belfast.
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