Big Trees

Today was bit of a tourism day, I went to see the big ol sky tree. which was lovely, i didn’t go up it mind you, I didn’t need to (and the line was long) but it was really nice to see it. it didn’t exist last time I was in Tokyo  It was a really nice and sunny day too there couldn’t have been a better time to be outside.

After that I went to see some places I’ve been to before, main shinagawa where I had a really good burger 5 years ago… and they still serve it exactly the same ^_^)/ ~!!!!

Then I went to you-know-where do to you-know-what (browsing) and actually wasted a lot of time there, I also spent way too much on food and dinner was not that good. Ramen tomorrow I think!!

It was a downtime day today. no official business but a lot of my thoughts as I saw the city were for God. I pray a lot because of the lack of churches here – it is very unlike Seoul where I was last summer and there was a Christian church on every block.
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