Millenials on Mission

Global Connections held a day conference today at their Bulstrode campus in Gerrards Cross. I was there.

Called the “Mission Net” conference, mission mobilisers from all kinds of mission organisations got together to discuss the dilemnas (spelt correctly) of reaching out to Millenials, that’s 18 to 30 year old’s if I haven’t said enough times in this blog already. it was a good event, people shared their stories and their research which was great but i think that the best part for me was seeing all of these organisations get together to discuss the topic.

I gave the story of my call to mission, and i’m thankful to all of the guys at moorlands whom i got in touch with sharing their own stories with me to talk about the things we had in common. I gave my testimony of how i was brought to have such an alignment with mission highlighting the 4 key things which i felt most of us has gone through individually. they were the highlight’s of calling, experience, training and relationships. each one of us as millenials has been confronted by two or more of these in our time as disciples.

the event ended with a huge plug for the Go2012 conference. a camping weekend festival with great speakers and everything else which you would expect from any good Christian festival, the one thing to highlight is that it’s all about mission!!!!! read more about it here please.

Tomorrow were back on the road again heading to two more towns.

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