Kind Kendo King

When you are a church man like me Sunday is your busiest day every week!

This morning we began with an English school for weebees and they had fun, they looked at animals and motions and then made valentines day cards.

After this was a church service which unsurprisingly was all in Japanese, unlike other foreign language services I’ve been to I managed to stay awake the whole time. after this, we all sat down for lunch and I got to speak to Aaron some more about his theology training at Moody (how many Christian academys begin with “Moo”). In the afternoon we drove over to Harvest, one of the other churches which is pastored by the same family and I gave my testimony again, kindly translated by Aaron who also gave the message. Again I don’t know what it was about but I stayed awake!! I must remark that I am still amazed by the Christian life as an international thing. it is absolutely amazing that I can scale the world and be with people who praise the same God I do, these are my brothers and sisters and this is great. and the fact that God is the same everywhere is also very truly Great.

We ate together after this service aswell and I sat with Keiko who was there with her husband and three weebees. She is an illustrator for Christian books which is really really cool and her husband lectures in Ethics at the nearby university, what an interesting mix! I also met Huzio and an older lady who presented me with a card when I asked her name, I still don’t know how to tell her that I couldn’t read it… anyway they asked a lot about me and my fiancĂ©e and upon finding out that we might be missionaries they asked me to pastor their church so now I have to tell Angela that we have a job–hahaloljknotreally I said, “It is up to God!” They both told me that I looked Kind and like the Kings in a deck of playing cards which is totally what I was going for. the lady said I looked like I would be good at Kendo too, so I’m considering that now although the opportunity probably wont come up.

I can talk to a Japanese child in Japanese and they can talk back with me and I do not understand – this puts me on a gauge now I am somewhere beyond not knowing any Japanese and somewhere prior to being able to talk like a child.

On the way home Ruth, Aaron and I spoke about spiritual gifts and I got thinking as to how I would describe mine. I realise that I can do so much, I love evangelism, apologetics, preaching, counselling  praying, I don’t shy away from healing or prophecy and I’m still open to so much more. so when I’m asked what my spiritual gift is I’m still unsure how to answer. something to think about.
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