Hard working Koreans

I don’t know if everybody in the world knows this, but Korea is full of very hard-working people. I guess it was inevitable since the great wars that it would be this way here. there are so many people in such a small country that they hard to work very quickly in order to rehabitate the nation after the war.

We are in Korea again and we are reminded of this attitude to work first hand. mainly by the insane amount of work that we have to do. I’ve just come back from a week long summer camp in the UK and it was a lovely time, and it was a breeze. I enjoyed being there knowing that every volunteer was contributing and ultimately doing very little work (many hands…). Here in Korea we are going to begin a summer camp on Monday, and we still have so much to prepare for, and I know from last year that we will have so much to do during the week (even after the kids leave each day) too.

I think that the secret is the number of people involved. in the UK we had almost as many volunteers contributing as we did children participating, whereas her in South Korea there is only a handful of us all doing quite a lot (that’s actually not true, most of the work has been delegated to us and the camp organisers, they did pay for us to come here after all)

It’s stressful – especially on top of my sociological problem which makes being with other people feel like work. even when we’re not working, just being with everybody else all the time is still work to me, I have to fight (hide) to get a break.

On Monday I will be giving a talk at the welcome service of the camp. I will  be teaching from the pauline epistles (mainly Romans) about how Paul the apostle had to be learned to be as influential as he was.

Time ticks on.
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