zero one zero one two thousand seven

this is the last post of 2006 and its being written in the early hours of 2007!

those 2 pictures i mentioned yesterday will not be brought up this evening for it is late, I’ve had a few, and i cant be bothered! but do gear up for a special treat tomorrow! i guarantee one!

My day was spent nicely. i got more encouragement from daddy to try and find a car v.soon. i will (i hope)! and i sat here at my desk preparing tomorrows treat!

I also received a phone call from from my dear Quez, she does make me smile. even if i did mistake her for her sister when i answered the phone!

T’dog invited Myself, NoseBleed and his family to his place for new years and we all went and it was pukka. i enjoy a pleasant game of Articulate! Articulate is the hit game owned and pwned by Will and Grace in the TV series Will and Grace!

You can’t blame me for a short post tonight, but i do promise you something more promising for tomorrow, i promise! For now, i figured out how to embed videos from the Motherload, so here is the end of the last episode of the Colbert Report that i mentioned last week. i find it very appropriate for the end of such a cool year!

It’s a new year, and i hope we all have a good one at that!
McKlatch x
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i want one of those plastic tubes they rock!!

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