I googled myself today,

in the list i discovered that the top entry was this very blog, i like this, it’s like having my own website. When Steven Colbert googled himself all he got was wikipedia! that n00b, his wife is nice tho!

a bit lower down
… and how does McKlatch get the power to decide who is forgiven and who is not? This is unconsciously prejudiced.”
apparently i forgave someone!

i found a quote of myself saying: “
i don’t think its right for ‘atheists’ to say that they are more open-minded because they won’t read the bible. this makes no sense!” <- damn right i was, when i was just a little boiye.

Theres a new skill video on the way
i told people i wouldn’t have any CS in my new video, but my camera has broken since then, so i can only use in-game footage, CS is back in play!

shoutout: if anybody has a dv camera i can borrow at various random times, please let me know. i am a qualified cameraperson (for i have hands)!


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Ooh, look at me learning how to comment. Who knew it could be so easy. So anyway, I googled myself just now – since I have nothing better to do, being at work – and was somewhat surprised to find a load of links to guitar tab websites. Turns out way back when, I wrote a really lame song, and made the error of showing one of my friends, who thought it would be amusing to post it onto a tab site, as if they were tabs he’d worked out 😮 It’s then been kidnapped by loads of other tab sites…! Weird. I also got a link to an article I wrote for BBC Northamptonshire online, and my profile on Connect FM’s site, and something on the Radio Lutterworth site too. Fascinating, I’m sure you’ll agree! 😉

The Younger Ansdell x

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