I was browsing the best of the immaculate tubes again the other day, and suddenly i found myself subscribed to 3 filmmakers, how did that happen.

well here is the short list and a favorite from each selected by me that you should see, but don’t forget to see their other movies too? or you’ll not see them!

first – Ask A Ninja – Link – this ninja will liek totally kill you, with your own laughter, and then compress you into a less credible form etc.
This is really fast paced humor from a very clever man. the end does plug for the DVD which i may very well purchase if i ever get a pound or two (now officially worth 2 usd)!

second – Berats and Bareta – Link – not much of a surprise mention here seeing as they are now employed for future TV shows by… NBC, or it was FOX, i cant remember – but it does prove that they are funnier than expected.
Sketch based humor is still alive, and these doodz also have a couple o songs to sing. if you get the chance, find their song ‘suburbanites’ it’s… good!

thirdly – Applemilk 1988 – Link – dood this nice lady is crazy – she likes Starbucks and she has her own website (not enough people like that in my opinion). but to top that off, she also knows some Japaneses – she… sounds like the kinda girl i’d like to have a debatable relationship with.
lolz don’t worry, my relationship with applemilk1988 is strictly implausible.
see the video!

I hope you checked those links! you are however excused if you’re reading this at School, where there are filters. at work, where it will lower productivity. or in soviet Russia, where links click you!

if you click here (link now dead) you’ll be clicked by a thread started in the forums for YOUR favorites!
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