Wicksteed Park

Now my first ever job, i worked in fast food, at a theme park, in the midlands, in the united kingdom. the takeaway i worked at was called “the oak tree takeaway’ on account of the huge oak tree beside it (and the suggestion that it was a takeaway).

I had fun there, many interesting times with many interesting people. once on a day of few customers while i was playing janitor in my zone (stay the frag out of my zone), i decided to name all of my bins. this was for the ease of remembering exactly which bins actually needed changing when it came to to operation bin lining. one of my co-workers, whose name shall remain anonymous, was talking to be about her ex-boyfriends and how much she hated them all. so i opted to name all of my bins (yes MY bins) after all of her ex-boyfriends. there just so happened to be the exact correct accumulation of the tin cans. and i found out that Tom needed changing the most, she found this humorous as she found Tom the most annoying (ex bf, not bin).

over the next few months of life…. stuff, continuing to breath, excrete and contemplate how annoying it is to be single and around so many people who exist as happy with lucky, i eventually stumbled upon this:

wait, no, first a plug for my former workplace. CLICK HERE for the official Wicksteed Park website

now, where was i, yes: my life is officially better than yours* – There is a flash game of the place where I used to work!

click HERE to see details on wicky bear’s ‘oak tree takeaway’ game

so thats cool and its everything – it makes me so much, eh, slightly happier, with my life.

God bless Wicksteed Park

*in respect to flash games, not life changing optimistic events
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