Why is he God?

I’ve only got 4 words here to work with, and they bring up a big question. Why is the one we call ‘God’ God? For the sake of ease I’ll refer to ‘God’ as Yahweh, his name as mentioned in the old testament. So the question is: what puts Yahweh in his position as the ruler of the universe? Why should people call him their God?

The first and most obvious point I can make is about his ownership of the universe and everything in it. While it is true that you didn’t, nor did anybody else, ask for Yahweh to be in charge, he is. In the bible the allegory of the Potter and his clay is brought up a few times (Isaiah 45+46, Romans 9) all with the point being that the potters creations, jars of clay or whatever he makes, belong to the potter. The same is true of God, who created all things, seen and unseen. He created the world, the stars, water, light, life, you and me. We are all his property.

As the creator of the universe, he declares his ownership, but perhaps a more important question is of whether he deserves to be called God. Most people object to his authority on the bases that the world is falling apart in war and politics, ecology and more recently economically. God is all powerful and all good yet he does not seem to be interfering with the mess that we ourselves have made on his creation. God is rebuilding the earth to a new and perfect foundation, but to do that he must eliminate sin, which is the cause of all our problems. We are all sinful, every man woman and child. There would be no point in rebuilding the world if no people would be living in it.

Is God showing his goodness as God? God made a sacrifice in love for all of his people. You and me, and everybody else. He sacrificed a sinless man in exchange for all sinners. Jesus Christ his son died and descended to elimination just as sinners deserve to, even though he was sinless. He did this in love and all that is asked is that we trust in his sacrifice and repent (that’s turn away from) of our sinful acts. That way we are cleansed of our sin and made perfect in God’s sight. So that at the end of days he can make us perfect and place us in his perfect creation which will remain untarnished.

Why is he God? Because of his ownership of the universe, his perfect stewardship over his creation, eliminating that which is harmful, and because of his immense and unconditional love for all people that he would sacrifice his own son in exchange for all of us even though we were sinners. Who else could do God’s job better than him?
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