Where is everybody?

Today, me and NoseBleed went into town with a video camera and filmed a short film. NoseBleed will edit it when he comes back from Paris next week, and i’ll try and put it up here on this very website! today was a good day for filming, we went into the town center, and for some reason there was nobody else there at all. We had the whole place to ourselves! i don’t go town on Monday’s enough!

I woke up early today too, 10am, i woke up to the sound of “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy!” by Big & Rich… Because it’s my ringtone! Quezacotl rang me up today because i said i had nothing planned today and she was offering me something to do (not like that), but i was helping mummy make lunch so i didn’t see Quez in the end, but we had a nice conversation (or 2), shes nice to talk to!

I’ve sat here for most of my day, i put all the music i have by The Poets Of The Fall, Big & Rich, Keane, The Decemberists, Remy Zero and Jose Gonzalez into my media player list and put the thing on random (because the range of music i had going wasn’t random enough for me)! i’ve had fun. just listening to ma music and drawing in Photoshop! i’m recoloring (with permission) a picture of a character called Argentine by Quez, you can see the original by clicking here.

Doctor Who was on today. as Mellors pointed out to me (also today) Davies’ writing is pretty much the same style in nearly every episode he writes “it’s the last of it’s race” “hahaha no i am not, here is 50 thousand of my friends” “oh, thats interesting, now theres going to be a way to explain this which i somehow overlooked before” but still, i like the show. and i love the Doctor’s sense of humor, he’s just sooo right!

I’ll drop in tomorrow (when Kwanzaa starts)!
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