where i’ll be

what i’m going to do is over the course of the next few days
i am going to transport my life in 5 bags and 4 boxes to a house which at the moment has no phoneline, no electricity, no internet, no water, and no heating. so i can’t live there.

i think i might take photo’s of the electricity meter and other meters, you know, for funsies! also, I’m thinking seeing as i have a camera and spare packs of batteries, i may just film a spin-off prequel to Lonely Dood.

but for thought, the other day i realized that I’ve given up pursuing my (middle to long-term) dreams, while also knowing that God has a plan for me, it makes me wonder this, and i just messaged this question to friend on facebook a moment ago, I’ve given my life to God as a living Sacrifice, so what extent should i be pursuing the things that i want to do. now the truth is this, i want to work with a church, as a minister unto others, somewhere that speaks english but isn’t england. i have little when it comes to awards in theology, divinity, or ddr:songsofpraise, and i want to study but my dad wouldn’t like that. also i’d like to marry a fine lady who is willing to support and encourage me (be my ezer kenedo) in all of this, but i’m not really confident that she is going to cross my path (would i even notice if she already has???)

with all that in mind, i go on to that house
this time could be good for me or bad for me
pray for me, and if you have any helpful advice feel free to email me
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One of the most helpful things someone said to me was that God gives us our desires, so in many ways to follow our dreams and desires could well be to follow the path that God has laid out for us. He creates us as the individuals we are and gives us passions and talents for things for a reason. So unless any of your dreams would go against God then I say pray and chase 🙂

Just remember sometimes God’s timing for our desires coming true may be different than how we think it is, or how we’d like!

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