When i had Tea with the Queen

i woke up, had a good day

and then i had tea with the queen

she was nice.

I found myself and the rest of my team checking out a facility for strange phenomena. i was dropped off by car and left to investigate alone. the place was slightly derelict and there were strange sounds coming from the ambiance of the rooms within. luckily my friend arrived and his face had not been chewed off by small hell spawn. we carried on together and eventually came across a lad bound to a chair – his face had been chewed off by small hell spawn. a doctor arrived to check it out – she had come to the conclusion that his face had been chewed off by small hell spawn. i ventured forth up the stairs and onto the roof, where a really really slow man hit me in the face really really slowly with a really really slow plank of wood. it hurt and the pain too a long while to go away.

But the queen was great!

next thing i know, my team abandons me, and so i go off alone on a call from an aerospace commission, they seemed like fun, they were doing some kind of research underground, and something went wrong so i was sent in to have a look. it was great!
eventually i saw some small hell spawn and i thought they were going to chew my face off, luckily they just possessed a scientist and i shot him in the face instead.

She’s a great laugh!

speaking of (both a good laugh, and small hell spawn), i got some gifts for my friend Quez, just a spur of the moment thing, no special occasion or anything like that. she likes them. i stayed at her place for about an hour, her family is nice!

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