What is it?

Void, is a bit like Dark Matter (not the stuff from Futurama, they got it wrong). i have no idea what void is, nor could i explain what dark matter is.
take a sample of the vacuum between my eye and the north star and describe it as “dark” it’s just not right somehow. I’m glad its not the same as void tho. i don’t know what void is. i’ll describe it as the stuff which is beyond the outside of the edge of the universe – and we should avoid trying to think about it.

I want feedback on the previous paragraph! how does it look without exclamation marks?
I was advertising my blog and someone said that there were too many exclamation marks! can you believe that! pff – what if I’m exclaiming something?

I don’t have much else to talk about tonight, i woke at 1pm so I’ve not seen/done that much!

I’ll jack back in to the blogtrix tomorrow!
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there you go! i thought the exclamation marks were well used and not over used because its how you talk, if you get me ??? probably not

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