What is Combat Smack?

Combat smack is a multiplayer First Person Shooter based on the real life events of the Tactical Weaponry Assault Time Team, and their common enemy the Time Terrorists. The main feature making this game different to every other game in existence, is the added concept of playing the game outside of time.

The Multilayered time experience is a new one to many people, and it allows such versatility as letting a single player play as all 5+ members of his team in a single game. Playing this way, or with a combination of fellow players, teammates within the game are able to warp time at will in order to achieve their objectives. it is even possible for people to play games against themselves, or other people in the past, present, or future. There are 2 established gametypes determining each team’s objectives.

Time Terrorists are the ‘bad guys’ in the game, in the defusal gametype (which is fairly similar to Counter Strike‘s ‘defusion’ maps), the Time Terrorists have to try and plant a special Time Bomb into one of 2 Bomb-Stasis areas. it is the job of the Tactical Weaponry Assault Time Team to prevent this from happening, or to accelerate the particles of the Time Bomb with their eyes if it does get planted in the round’s time allocation.

One of the other gametype’s include classic Hostage Retrieval in this scenario, the Tactical Weaponry Assault Time Team like to keep hostages for research, but the Time Terrorists have taken them away, so the Tactical Weaponry Assault Time Team have to retrieve their hostages while the Time Terrorists are trying to stop them.

Throughout the game, there are many weapons which can be used, including the Hard Light Gun, which fires a straight beam of light into the direction the barrel is aimed at, there is no actual projectile as such, but the light that comes out is completely solid. the assault property of it lies in the fact that it keeps extending at the speed of light until it is stopped, either stabbing whomever it may be aimed at, or pushing them against the nearest thing behind them (however far it may be) if they are wearing protective armor. there is also a similar weapon known as the Hard Light Grenade.

Another piece of the Chronological Arsenal is the Slow-Gun, this is similar to a shotgun in design, but it only fires solid slugs. these slugs will leave the barrel and travel towards the target at about 1.48 miles per hour. these can be seen traveling through the air but are sometimes not dodged by the receiver due to shock of seeing the slug traveling so impossibly slow in such a straight line through the air. however most victims of the Slow-gun are players who travel back or forward into time where the slug is arriving, where they receive it before they even know its there. these slug deal masses of damage, by laws of energy transfer, what they lack in speed, they make up in strength. there is also a Slow-Frag-Grenade.

There is more details in a future post click here for part 2. for discussion right now tho, i have started a page on the forums which can be seen here. do join the forums by the way, it may not seem too frantic at the moment but the more people posting, the quicker it’ll get busy (and all we want is to get busy)!

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