What is Combat Smack? (part 2)

Before reading this post, please make sure that you have read Part 1. this is for the purposes of logic and continuity, the kind that you find in life!

The time is established by a timer in the upper left corner by the preemptive HUD, there is a picture! it’s green! the bottom represents the start of the round, the top is the end of the round, during gameplay a player may not travel through time to before the start or after the end of the round. present time is a constant and flows at a steady pace, when the round ends on the timer the round ends! present time is represented on the timer by the red area, it gets higher up as time continues forward.

Your current position in time during gameplay is represented by the yellow line, if you go back in time, it goes down, if you go forward, up. should you stop time altogether, it will stop moving at its location on the timer when it would normally be rising steadily. freezing time does not allow you to run up to someone while they are frozen so you can knife them in the head, no! by the laws of particle physics, you would be frozen too, this is simulated in the game. freezing time only allows you to get a good look around before continuing your timestream.

having mentioned the knife, the Tactical Weaponry Assault Time Team are entitled to a knife known as the ‘Combat Smacker’. physically, it resembles a present pigsticker, however, when it is used, it has a very different effect. the knife can be held inside the person being stabbed (hold left mouse button – i mean, YUK), and their hit points will slowly be drained away. this allows for pwnage if one can hold it long enough without the opposing Time Terrorist noticing! if you’re clever, or mildly intelligent, or stupid, or in fact retarded, you’re probably wondering what alternative weapon the Time Terrorists have! BALLHANDS!!!!! it does the same as the Combat Smacker, except its just two soft rubber balls doing what boxing gloves were made for. thump thump thump thump a member of the Tactical Weaponry Assault Time Team in the back of the head for long enough and you’ve got a pwnage point in the scoreboard!

Theres this gun yeah, its called the Big Freezetime Gun! now the player using it can fire it at any enemy (or teammate in what is sometimes known as friendly fire, by n00bs), then they get frozen in the present and made invulnerable until the Big Freezetime Gun user has finished using the time limit (30 seconds after initial fire) on his gun to the same thing unto others, when the gun’s timer runs out, himself and everybody he has frozen are taken back in time to before the round even beginning, there are no other players on the map! these people will have to fight it out deathmatch style. if you die in the deathmatch you die in the present. When the last player in this situation is killed, the survivor will ascend and reform back into the present time with full health and armor to continue the round (with less enemy’s (and/or teammates) in play. picture of ascension:
Time Goggles, are better than Night vision Goggles, because Night vision Goggles suck, but also and more importantly, because they work. when a player uses the Time Goggles they will be able to see the previous and future actions of everybody within their Field of Vision for the previous and future 10 seconds! it looks similar to the ‘onion skin’ feature seen in many animated presentation software packages.
‘oh look hes coming round that corner now, aim, and fire!’

The Special Edition of Combat Smack entitles the few lucky players to use 2 player skins which are unavailable to all other standard edition players. there is the Noble Offense Body for the Tactical Weaponry Assault Time Team. the Time Terrorist equivalent feature is Strategic Terrorism Unit for Procreating Intruding Developments.

More to come!

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