We’re the Retards?

yeah i see tv advertising
so I’m in the states I’m on the SciFi channel watching whatever the heck is on when it finishes, then ‘Eureka’ comes on, and it’s quite good, i watch the first few episodes then i come back to the country of heroes. its now been 6 months since then, and the show is coming to the SciFi channel here, only they changed the name of the show, what is called ‘Eureka’ in the states, is now called ‘a town called Eureka’ over here. for some reason, the American broadcasters in London thought we weren’t clever enough to realize that Eureka was a town just by watching it like the Americans had to. We’re struplyd, we’re the cuntray ov struplyd heerows.

to rub it in, one of my favorite BBC quiz shows, QI, gives us many questions to which nobody knows the answer to. except Steven Fry of course, but he’s a balloon filled with roar genius. the thing is, he makes the questions sound easy, check this:
Where do camels come from?
easy right, Africa! it’s coming, it’s coming ………………… WRONG! camels are from north America, if you’re thinking how and why, the answer has now been published in a book. my daddy got me a copy of ‘QI: The Book of General Ignorance‘ for the non-denominational gift exchange of the winter of last year, from Amazon.
QI is great, the questions are challenging, but they compensate by asking mainstream comedians to be the contestants, and not university lecturers (a BBC quiz show challenging Uni lecturers would not be fun to watch). every week features the humor of Alan Davies, sometimes joined by other guests such as Bill Baily (whom i’ve seen live) and Rich Hall (whom i have also seen live).

And again, i would like to see an American version of QI, check this for a lineup:
Host: Jon Stewart – not exactly for his fame of intelligence, but for his way of explaining things
regular contestant: (you know it’s coming) Steven Colbert – he will provide, for his nation
contestant 2: Demetri Martin – he probably has something funny to say stored up
contestant 3: Dane Cook – has a classy new-age humor, doesn’t require an audience of geniuses
contestant 4: Chris Rock – because the other 4 are white

this is the fourth distinct section of this post. it’s also the shortest………. and the last.

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