We’re the Retards? 2!

yeah i see tv advertising
The rly cool game show known as “Pyramid” in the US, presented by Donny Osmond and spoofed by such shows as Friends and the Simpson’s – is coming back to England!
only, because we’re retards here – as evidently seen in the renaming of ‘Eureka’ to ‘A town called Eureka’ – this time, the name of the show is changing from ‘Pyramid’ to ‘Pyramid Game’!
because they think that we Brits are bit too simplified to understand that Pyramid is a game, and not an actual pyramid that is statically filmed for 30 minutes every week.

notice to America from the rest of the world:
We made you, so’s your face!

‘Who wants to be a superhero’ with Stan Lee is coming to the UK – cool, a year late, but cool! Just to ruin it for you, Major Victory does not win. it’s ok, it ruined the show for me too!

while on the topic, this week’s Heroes was awesome, i hated it so much but it was awesome!
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