Having ended my previous entry with Wii jokes, i was tackled in my sleep last night with the idea that i had a Nintendo Wii already, and it was parked right next to ma TV! unfortunately when i ended up speaking out loud about it it came out as “In my dream last night i had a Wii!”
Kids, I don’t wee in my bed! you shouldn’t either! i really would not like that!

The drama exam happened! we did well, i think its the best piece of theater I’ve ever been in! i’d talk more about it but i have no idea what it was about! the 2 other drama groups performing tonight also did very very well, in fact, we all love each other so much, that we’ve proposed that we all get together for a special piece one day. although i have a feeling that when the bald head of drama said that we could actually do that, he might have said that without meaning it! we call that the excess of a male cow!

Nosebleed gave an absolutly hilariarous performance! I’ll see if I’m allowed to put a video on the interwebs for you, i know you’d loves to see it!

Why have we never had a “post-exam party” – i should start that next time!

It’s late now, so here it is your moment is end!
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