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Okay, Talking about oranges a few posts back (link), i mentioned that the inside of an orange is void, Nosebleed said it was black. well, just to make things worse, you are absolutely entitled to check out the new Poets Of The Fall video here, the song is called Locking Up The Sun. it’s good, currently 3rd in the Finnish singles chart. Anywho, the video features an orange, being squashed so much that a black tar/treacle substance comes out of it. it’s interesting, but i must point out that the video is fictional and in real life the insides of oranges become fruity upon contact with light.
” Is there a hero somewhere, someone who appears and saves the day, Someone who holds out a hand and turns back time”
I like the video, its interesting to watch, but it doesn’t tell any kind of story. i don’t rly care though, its cool to watch, very Arty. Mark(o) does some good jest. actually the “(o)” there reminds me about this moment in The Tuomas & Juuso Experience (a talk show in Finland) where they were talking about how Marko’s name changes to Mark in every other country but Finland. The guy was liek, “What! Mark, -O, i thought his name was Mark, what is this s#*t!” in English! good times!

i know some of you don’t click my links, so here is the first episode of Clearification right here for you:

Have a nice day. Expect the new Combat Smack box cover tomorrow! (oh yeah, it qualifies for italics now!)
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