Updates on the Update Update


Things are going well. you all thought that this was just a blog page, well you were wrong! this blog is now just one of the corners of McKlatch.com. you n00b.
up in the top right corner you can see new links to the rest of the site, this set of pages remains without my custom mastered navigation bar at the top due to the restrictions of blogger.com, they have done a lot for me though, which means i owe Google a big hearty high five (you can see it at the top of this post) anyway.

the additions you see at the moment are limited. the forums should be up properly tomorrow. a new, and lets face it, more attractive videos area will be uploaded. and the shop page will remain pretty much the same, ‘cept i may place a navigation bar at the top of it for ease of use – do check out the shop btw!

again, another short post – i hope you don’t dump me
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