Having seen all 3 Cube films, i have been entertained by the idea that people should be put under trial by being locked in a series of rooms and being asked (instinctively) to get out, whilst the rooms are moving. The three Saw films were also quite good, i like the drama of the series – it contains the idea that people should be brought to a path of righteousness. and the series also brought to film the idea that a huge cast isn’t necessary for a powerful film, nor lots of time (all three films were written within a week each)! I could see Saw 1 being put on stage! – I would!
Saw has got a sequel or 2 confirmed, we’re looking at Saw4 (S4W) for next Halloween. who kno’s what’ll be in it, the 3rd one ended rather… Endy! I’m thinking, either John isn’t the jigsaw (like Zep), or Doctor Lawrence Gordon is still alive having escaped from the bathroom in the first film (…oh yeah), and he seeks a vengeance of some sort! or a combination of the 2 ideas!
another Cube film has been “confirmed” too, it’ll be called Trespassed, and judging by what i’ve seen, it’ll be set outside the cubes from the 3 previous films. but also from what i’ve heard, it might not be an official film, and just a fanfic made by filmmakers – o well, i’m sure it’ll be nice anyway.

Tonight everybody’s talking about santa, and how he breaks into peoples houses (huh), to leave gifts for people (oh), and set a good example to the kids (hmm). well i’ll say it like this, i stayed up all night i did not see santa anywhere. i think the general publics of the countries who promote this nonsense is shameful. It’s shameful that more people believe (or are lying to their kids about) the idea that there is a fat guy who travels via flying reindeer to break into peoples houses, than there are people who understand that Jesus came to earth. this is the world i have to cope with!

Anyway, its 10 past 1, i’ve talked enough for tonight. i’m gonna go get some eggnog and play some CS. that’s Counter Strike, not Combat Smack!

Have a nice Monday! x
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