Its a multiplayer First Person Shooter on the PC, and you play as a member of a rainbow six swat counter terrorist first encounter assault reconnaissance joint ops team. but, you’re outside of time! you cant die in the game so the health bar is a team one where if the rest of your team dies, you lose. and basically, in every scenario where you would die, the enemy does instead – because the you in the future would sneak up behind the person who’s about to pwn you and pwn them instead. and you play that bit before that round so its actually the past you! its a multi time layer experience.
just picture yourself going through the tunnel into bombsite b on dust2 and you get pwned as you come out, but when modé spectato comes on, you see yourself in the past or future pwning the dood who just pwned you from behind him (but before he actually gets you so you don’t rly enter spectator mode)!
it’s like that, except you can freeze time too so it’s all pretty pointless!

– Spell check didn’t like the use of the word “multiplayer” in the first line there, it wanted to replace it with “multilayer”, i think Firefox 2 is psychic! thats why it’s so fast, it already knows what links you’re going to click on and loads the url – 15 days before you do it!
Mozilla should make CS!

I’m glad McDonalds sell coffee at 5 in the morning! i didn’t wake up at that time today, it’s just a general statement!

i want these:
4x 1 gig ram chips at 70 squids each
1x AMD Athlon 64 FX-57 2.8GHz at 600 squids
1x GeForce 8800GTX PCI-E graphics card at 500 squids
the total cost is too much for me at the minute, but these upgrades could save me from building a new machine for a good couple o years. c’mon guys, pimp my rig!

Theres a teacher at my school who has a TARDIS, i saw him leave the chip shop and he wasn’t on the other side of the glass door. he wears a lather jacket every day and i think thats his TARDIS. I’m not surprised for he has a PhD in quantum physics (and he teaches at my school)!
i think he should work for Mozilla!

revo nad uto x (<- if you don't get this it's because I've written it outside of time)
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