Those Funny/Awkward Moments

I’m at the Dunkin’ Donuts on the corner of 42nd street and 9th avenue, and i ask for a doughnut (what else?) and a Coolata. The lady, who doesn’t seem too happy to be working in Dunkin’ Donuts, (yeah i know, whats up with that) tells me how much it costs and i open my wallet – i have a fiver, and 120 Canadian $$$’s, she’s like, “whaddup with that shaz mo” (*shrug*). anyway i manage to find a 10$ bill along side my bus money to go back to NJ. as she exchanges the cash and puts the tasty treats on the counter, i decide to tip her the change, “i’m going back to England” i thought it would cheer her up! then i made my way out. “s’cuze me,” (you hear that a lot in NY) “don’t yo want yo donut!” “oh yeah, i forgot about that!” i take my tasty treats, grab a straw and leave. she’s already put a straw in my bag, i decide not to look back!

So today, i had a couple o Jehovah’s Witnesses around my house (live, Fridays at 6:30 GMT), we were talking about identifying true religion! apparently, the followers of the watchtower are the only people who’ve got it right! what about the people in that 1 thousand 8 hundred years between Christ’s death and the formation of the Watchtower? o well, we did manage to make them go “huh!” they asked us if we believed “that there is only one God, Jehovah, and Jesus is his son?” they thought we’d say “no.” because we’re trinitarians, we said “YES!!” they were like, (in their heads) “blast, why do we have to practice arguing at the KH every week” “cos we don’t wanna get DF’d brovah!”

After they left we watched Pimp My Ride UK, why is that guy trying to be Xhibit? he’s not even the right color/colour, and he’s old. i prefer the original Pimp My Ride, and i’m not even into cars!

It turns out that my dear friend Nosebleed can open, and drink, from a bottle of Evian without using his hands or any other aid apart from his body (so elbows and lips). i imagine it being a handy skill as long it doesn’t cause paralysis of the arms, because if it does, there’ll be a worldwide ban on plastic bottles and we’d all have to drink Evian like astronauts, only quicker because time is faster on earth!
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