The Seven Principles of Terry Logic

T-dog sent me the 7 principles of ‘Terry Logic’, he said he sent them before, i checked my emails, and it wasn’t there, he said he sent them. they were in my Hotmail account, which i don’t use, mainly because hotmail sux. all of my (7) email accounts feed straight into outlook where i can check them as the messages come in, hotmail however does not allow such a function, and in protest, i do not accept email messages through it without a prior phone call.

Here are the 7 principles by T-Dog, at last:

  1. All things and events can be counted for even if they are impossible or have not been invented yet this applies to words and spelling as well for example ‘photosynthasis’ is actually spelled like that.
  2. all other logic cannot comprehend or challenge Terry logic unless it is Terry logic itself.
  3. only Terry’s can use Terry logic unless under special circumstances.
  4. Terry logic does not need to make any sense to anyone else
  5. Terry logic recognizes that God exists
  6. Terry logic is only fallible if its taken out of the original context that it was used in.
  7. The above principles can only be applied to terry logic

wery gud
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