The National Impossibility Prevention Society

N.I.P.S. has been around for a good while now, i must stress before i say anything more about them, that they have existed a lot longer than Torchwood ever has. luckily Torchwood isn’t real!
anyways, the society aims to prevent impossible events from happening, and yes i know, you’re thinking right now, “but I’ve never seen anything impossible before!” that just means that they’re doing their job properly!

I bring N.I.P.S. up tonight because today i received an official warning letter from them. i wont make any quotes from it because I’ve misplaced it right now, but the gist was that because the game that i theorized in the post titled, ‘TimeLord’ is impossible, i am not allowed to make it (not that i could). the point is that i theorized the impossible and now I’m being punished.

I was pregnant once!

When Torchwood first aired on BBC2, i sat there and watched the first 2 episodes. Then i thought, “this is wrong” and i stopped! I have not watched Torchwood since the second episode!

I’m not happy that Remy Zero split up

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