The Missing Link Award

The video is upward onto the interwebs and is found embedded on this very post!

explanations first though, because there are some inside jokes, i’ll do it bullet point form:

  • Link is a youth group that we all go to, we hold awards once a year, we hosted it this year
  • Nosebleed’s real name is ………… (drumroll) ……… Chris
  • T-Dog’s real name is ……. (smack) ………. T-dog, but we call him Terry in the video!
  • In RL, Chris likes to listen to Ian Paisley sermons while he’s CS mapping
  • T-Dog is too short to climb a small fence
  • We didn’t have time to finish the video
  • Boys will be boys

So here it is, (it should have loaded by now if you were wise enough to play and pause it before reading this post)

If i get good feedback there may well be a remake with a story and acting, although we’ll be looking for something else, not the missing link award!

Hope you enjoy, peace out x
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tis awesome, “i dont know where i live” you cant write stuff like tht.

oh, we didn’t write that!
the whole last scene (before the bit where i explain the ending) was improvised. T-dog’s line was, “i’m going home” and he was meant to just leave, it was a mistake that he couldn’t leave the park. the rest was made up on the spot!!!!!!1!


dood i know u told me lol, thts y i said u cant write stuff like that


hello this is lush!!! u r the best blogger eva! n ur acting skills r amazing! hehe miss u xxxx com 2 my 18th!! n u look good in bed lol ;)xxx


One of the best, if not THE BEST thing to come out of england this year other than your trip to Canada.

lolol, thanx Marc. (your turn)

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