The Incredibly Awkward Social Situation Room

Hellow, how are you doing?
I am wery vell! how are you?
I’m considering adding scented stamps to my collection, i am enthusiastic about it!
Lucky you! my daughter is a lesbian
I know
You do? how?
I have seen them, and i am ok with it! in fact, i like them both very much

– inspired by Vice President Dick Chaney

I’ve just realized that since my Motorola broke i have to find out when to set a new reminder for a meeting i arranged with the younger Ansdell, this could be funny. its not for until just under a decade. i hope she remembers when it is, because i don’t.

the new episodes of prison break (started this week) are awespme! it’s like whoa, ******’s not **** and that ***** is just plain cool, it’s just too unfortunate that ***** ******** ****** *******. but it’s funny how the US government operates! (blanks added because new episode havn’t aired in UK yet)

mummy just came in and gave me a pack of OREOS, i love my mummy.
all info on the box is in Spanish!
y’no, i don’t what they’re trying to say to us by not selling OREOS in the UK, but i know this: IT HURTZ ME INSIDE AND I WANT IT TO STOP!!!!2!!!

shoutout: anyone else wishing to do something about this (and Grape Fanta, and Tab), please start an uprising and let me know so i can join. i’d do it myself but ms. Corke says i’m rly behind in DT

i’m liking my OREO’s right now*

just thinking, if i wrote a book right now, would it have the same title as one of my blog posts. my answer, after debating with myself in my hed, yes, there is an 80% chance that i will give my book the same title as one of my blog posts, there is a 19% chance that my books title will be a variant of one of my blog titles, and a 2% chance that these statistics are mathematically incorrect.

Ballhands – the ultimate punishment

i could write a British sitcom called ‘The Incredibly Awkward Social Situation Room’, it would be a bit like BBC Three’s ‘The Smoking Room’ except good.

Peace out ya’ll

*yeah Tesco, you heard me!
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We’re due to meet up on 14th January 2017. How you could possibly have forgotten this I’ll never know. Perhaps I will be mortally offended. I haven’t decided yet.


I just relied on my Moto so much, and now he’s dead, it’s in my mourning that i forgot. (pff, men and excuses)

anyway, see ya then 😉

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