The Immaculate Series of Tubes

the internets is a series of tubes, each tube is connected to another tube, or maybe two. or maybe more.
a tube can be directly attached to up to 8 and a half other tubes. every single one of the internet’s tubes is connected to every other one in some way! there are so many tubes that they cannot be counted, this is immense!

the internets survive in the form of a cool fluid that must be kept refrigerated. unfortunatly most of the internet’s fridges, including the one nearest to you right now, is probably warm inside. this is not good for the health of the internets, and something needs to be done.

I have a feeling that this post might make it onto the immencinets (immense internets), it will be carried by the lil tiny swimming men who live in the internet’s cool fluids. they carry the words letter by letter as they swim through the immaculate series of tubes. when they get to your refrigerator the letters will be reformed and an avid photoshopper who lives inside your computer will turn it into pretty images which appear on your dynamic canvas, the one that you are looking at right now!

We know that they are lil tiny men, and not lil tiny women, because they swim slower when they deliver the ninety percent of the internet which is commonly known as ‘naughty’!

look at my blog! it’s like internets!

on a completely different note, (but still on the internets)
the very last episode of Demitri Martin’s ‘Clearification’ is out, check ooot right here!

yes, there is a huge mistake – TIME IS NOT THE FOURTH DIMENSION

when you get access to the internets, you’ll know it! Peace doodz!

P.S. note from Mellors: don’t by internets fluid from tiscali
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