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OM WOWZORD WTFrag IHAB (I have a blog)

Doodz, yesterday was liek toly thanksgiving, and i know i’m liek English, and in fact in England, but i decided that i wanna celebrate thanksgiving, cos’ y’no it’s all about being able to get together regardless of how much we all hate each other, and having a meal together which involves a dead turkey. altho actually none of us hate each other (actually T-Dog’s mind is debatable – like McDonalds), and KFT was closed so we didn’t have a turkey. We all went to KFC instead. i would have taken a picture, but i didn’t know i’d have a blog until about 10 minutes ago!

I had the new “buffalo toaster twister” it’s not that good.

KFC chicken and biscuits, WTFrag, where are the biscuits. England is nice, but it could be better! i’ll talk to Tony.
“Yo, Tony, Gimmie Biscuits!”
“The art of leadership is saying no, not yes. It is very easy to say yes!” (thanks to the T.Blair section on

I think Tony Blair should be the next guest on the Colbert Report, o, and that, they don’t show the Colbert Report over here. i sent an email to More4 (they broadcast the Daily Show on free cable), i was liek, “why not show the Colbert Report, show me the whole Comedy Central news hour, or else…. (….i will only see half of it)!” it’s cuz we’re near France isn’t it!

Last night we all saw the new James Blonde Movie, it’s like another James Bond movie, but he be blonde. yeah, uh-huh what a Turkey day we had!

Peace out, blog ya later buddies!
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