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Since Mcklatch is away in China I doubt he’ll be posting on here much so I’ll try to post as much as I can with interesting little tid (or is it tit?) bits for you. I usually post on my own blog (www.nosebleed37.blogspot.com) there’s also a link over there -> but I’ve put that on hold cos I’m a nice attention seeking kinda guy.

I can’t really think of much to say at the moment it being 10 to 11 on a sunday night, an cosierng tht my eyoad mies vr thrd lete I ty to yp it’s getting pretty tedious.

Praying Properly
I know I of all people should not really be in a position to give any advice on prayer but I have gathered a few things in the short expanse of time I’ve been a Christian. Prayer is a scary thing, and I feel if we truly understood what it was our forced two minutes before we go to sleep (to keep a clear conscience and not to glorify God) would probably pan out a tad differently. You see prayer is God’s free hot line (cliched I know) but do we actually believe that? (you’re probably nodding or thinking of course I do at the moment) but I mean really think about it. Really think about who God is, then you’ll realise the importance of prayer and then you’ll realise the importance of our attitude in prayer. If you were invited to visit the most powerful man on earth, just hypothetically we’ll say the American President (I know he isn’t really anymore but just hear me out) you wouldn’t go and visit him on your terms, you’d make a date for it and prepare what you had to say to him. You’d probably put on your best clothes and feel butterflies whizzing round in your stomach. Now I know our relationship with God is a bit different to our relationship with the American President especially through the saving work of our God and saviour Jesus Christ but how much greater is he than the President? I think it’s too often we pray ‘on the fly’ think about who you’re making contact with, this is God you’re talking to! Read Job 38 before your next session, think about who Jesus is. Think about what your needs are and what needs to be done in the world then pray for those things. Take prayer seriously it has got to be the greatest privilege ever given to mankind.
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