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First off, it’s a new year. i must make the joke which isn’t that funny and has been repeated every year, yet i am not bored of it, because of its mere annual occurrence. however, the number has changed with the arrival of a new monitor. so here it is:

My New Years Resolution is 1440×900

isn’t that good, i know what you’re probably not thinking “isn’t that a widescreen McKlatch?” Yes it is! i like! i get given a couple o extra inches vision so i can see more in a game o CS!

ok, the first image i promised you, without telling what it was until this post: The dashing Jacket! i said I’d give more info on that Jacket i was wearing, and here it is!
I got this Jacket in a store in downtown Toronto, for 6 $$$’s. frickin bargain that is, frickin bargain. it was as cheap as chips are!
Its a fireman’s Jacket, the badges on the shoulders say on them “Nickel Center Fire Dept.” and it looks nice on me!
I was with Adam when i bought it, he got a jacket too, but it’s not as cool as mine, so i wont discuss it. We got back to Adam’s place and we Google‘d ‘Nickel Center’ it turns out that it doesn’t exist anymore, they changed name and i guess all their jackets went into surplus sales.
My jacket is 12 days older than me and was worn by Fred Vanderhooft!

The second Image here the Special Edition cover for Combat Smack, the upcoming video game FPS with the multi-layered time experience in mind. The original cover hurt too many of our eyes, so this special edition one is a bit simpler, yet somehow more stylish!
I’ll make a post summarizing the Details of Combat Smack for tomorrow! maybe including some of the differences between the original release and the special release edition!

I also promised a Treat for today. i knew it was coming – because I’ve been preparing it over the last 2 days, with appreciated help from Mellors. It can be found to the right near the top of the sidebar, or you’re linked to it right here! It’s a Forum, a Discussion Board, a Facility for Group Conversation on the Internets. and it’s here!
I set this up so i can post things that aren’t blog relevant, so i can post things that are more personal to the readers. but mainly because everybody needs to talk to somebody sometime. as an added bonus, you’ll probably get responses from some of the other people I’ve mentioned on this blog, most of them are using their pre-prescribed aliases, so it should be easy to find them!
I’ll ask you now as a reader, not to post anything stupid on ma boards. and in return, i will not talk about the feature too much in my blog space! post in it and stuf – Enjoy it!

Well thats the first day of 2007. it’s been a nice one for me, i hope it’s been a nice one for you too. and i hope the rest of the year will be a delightful one aswell!

Blogger out
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