Tactical Weaponry Assault Time Team

i crept up behind Leanspartan and Spud while they were next to each other playing my game on the computers, and i sat there quietly (on the floor), long enough for them to realize that i was there, they said “hi!” and i didn’t say anything for a few seconds, and then slowly i went, “I am so high right now!” then they laughed, and then i laughed, and they laughed again even though they were still laughing from the first time and we all couldn’t stop laughing, it was like we were high!

I was thinking about my game, the one featuring the Tactical Weaponry Assault Time Team, the game which is a bit like counter strike except it’s outside of time, even the multiplayer function. the same game of which i got an official letter from N.I.P.S. about. And now, i have a name for my game! it’s like Counter Strike, it’s called Combat Smack! I’ll make a box design for it one day.
the Tactical Weaponry Assault Time Team don’t wear armor BTW, they don’t need it because they don’t get shot!

Speaking of going back in time. I’ve just deleted my old blog from over a year ago, which had a whopping 3 posts on it. there was one which had to be transferred, so heres the bit:
“right, Jedi’s have the force, and they use it to do cool stuff right, well now you’re going to learn something new! the force pulsates outwards in volumetric ripples in the air from the mind of a jedi and it does this 24/7 (or the equivalent to the time periods they had a long time ago). the jedi are a peaceful clique who use the force to the rhythm of the invisible pulses coming out of their heads. the more brains a jedi has, the more force powers can be used simultaneously. the sith are a power hungry little bunch, so they wear hoods, yeah, they are to concentrate the force into the direction that they are looking as less of the force can escape into the air and more of it is reflected into the given direction. ah ha. (i’m not a big star wars fan btw)” – Lee McClatchey, November 09, 2005

Demetri Martin says:
“I like the living room, it’s very encouraging!”
Keep living doooods
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